GreenyWorld Pictures logo (2005-present)

GreenyWorld Pictures logo (2005-present)

The logo from the early 2000s.

640px-Greenyworld Studios logo

The print logo.

Greenyworld Studios is an animation studio that is located in Harbor, Boston in Massachusetts. It was founded in 1991 by Arthur Fertigus and Gabor Csupo. Today, the studio continues to create TV shows, movies, and specials. In 2014, a Little Guy Insanity adaptation will come to theatres.

Making Greeny PhatomEdit

In 1999 alongside Sony Wonder, Sesame Workshop and DHX Cookie Jar, Robert Stainton joins forces with Sterling Baxter to create Greeny Phatom. However, from that moment of creating the show, a 2013 adaptation has been aired on TV. On January 20, 2014, All-New Greeny Phatom will air a new episode.

Original ideasEdit

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