All-New Greeny Phatom logo

The logo from the show.

All-New Greeny Phatom is a TV show made by Mall Peanuts Television and it was first aired on December 28, 2013 on The Greeny Channel. It happens to be airing on December 21 but it never happened. Because of the television rights to Greeny Phatom, this aired on December 31, 2013. In 2014, season 2 will begin. Season 3 will end on March 31, 2015 because of the issues. After just 3 seasons, they always hired a new animation studio Harper Animation in honor to celebrate Little Guy's 3rd anniversary. Today, All-New Greeny Phatom still runs in television around the world and continues to entertain people of all ages worldwide. Even though YouTube released it on December 31, 2013, Robert Stainton himself could get in serious trouble for copyright claims from Sesame Workshop.


  • When Little Guy in the intro wears a pink shirt, it transforms into a salmon color.
  • The title card shows the colors green on "Greeny" and blue on "Phatom" are shown in the intro. When each episode plays, the colors swap into blue on "Greeny" and green on "Phatom" because it was a production mistake.


It never cancelled yet. But on 2019, it will be cancelled. Reruns will be intact from 2021 to 2099.

TV distributionEdit

According to YouTube, Glass Ball Productions decided to distribute the show and it will be in 2019. In 2014, 20th Century Fox Film Corp. will team up with The Mall Peanuts Company to distribute the show and it will be a movie entitled "Little Guy Insanity: The Movie". It will come out in theatres July 30, 2014. It will be released by 20th Century Fox and produced by Mall Peanuts Pictures. Of course Greeny Phatom: The Movie was a complete sucess, and so is Geo's 1st Movie.